Being Awesome Quiz

1. The Me In Order Code of Ethics does NOT include the following in the Personal Integrity section:


2. The thought process behind the Expert Image Guide is that our appearance should get the client to focus on us and not their clutter or overwhelm.


3. Central is open during these times Monday – Friday:


4. One of the most important things you can do as an Expert Organizer on the MiO platform is to:


5. Lead Follow-up happens when:


6. Client Follow-up happens when:


7. A requirement of remaining active on the Me In Order platform is:


8. A KPI for an Expert Organizer is:


9. The Expert Image guide does NOT include the following color pants:


10. A Client Conversion occurs when:


11. Order University™ provides these many continuing education hours for each Workshop:


12. Order University™ requires this many continuing education hours annually in order to maintain your Certified Expert Organizer® designation:


13. A best practice is to always wear a MiO shirt when working with clients. When a client asks that you not wear logos, a best practice is to wear:


14. When scheduling clients, Me In Order will set the start time and the end time for the session is determined by the client.


15. Clients may be scheduled via:


16. The preferred method to reach your teammates is to use:


17. The preferred method to reach Central is to:


18. Sometimes the Client Team Captain is not the same as the Session Team Captain:


19. The Moments of Excellence for Session Team Captains is the same as the standard Moments of Excellence for every session:


20. Rounding billable time to the nearest tenth of an hour is a best practice:


21. Your clients believe they are paying for organization; however we know that what they really want is:


22. A client that sees your services as labor, needs to understand that:


23. As trusted resources for our clients we often:


24. When working as a team it is a best practice to:


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