Client Cards Quiz

1. Client cards differ from Client Forms due to their:


2. Be Our Guest Cards are promotional cards that provide potential clients with:


3. Be Our Guest Cards are typically handed out by:


4. Be Our Guest Cards handed out by Central are different in that they:


5. Thank You Cards are typically sent to a client:


6. Thank You Cards may only be used to send a “Thank You” for the privilege of working with a client:


7. Client Cards are provided to Expert Organizers at no charge by Central:


8. The Birthday Card and the Birthday Program are different because:


9. Blank or Generic Business Cards are provided to new Expert Organizers because:


10. Today Cards are completed:


11. Today Cards are considered:


12. Today Cards should be used with each and every session.


13. A best practice is to create a PDF image of your Today Card and upload it to the Images section of your client’s profile.


14. The Color Coding Guide is a trade secret and should not be given to clients.


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