Client Forms Quiz

1. The Client Forms Index provides you with:


2. The Consignment Items Release Form is best used when:


3. The Credit Card Authorization Form is best used when:


4. The General Damage Claim Form is best used when:


5. The Discarded Items Release Form is best used anytime you feel that you need to document what you are taking for donation, recycling or when discarding items from the client’s home.


6. The File Index Form is best used:


7. The Files Every Client Needs To Have is best used as:


8. The Initial Walk – True form is a great form to use when:


9. The Blank Invoice:


10. If Square does not give you an option of providing the client with a text or email receipt it means that:


11. The Monthly Membership Cancellation Request Form is best used:


12. The Photo Release Form:


13. The Record Keeping Guideline is used to:


14. The Time Log is used when:


15. The Notes from Today’s Visit form is the same as a Today Card


16. A Work Authorization Form is used:


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