Client Programs Quiz

1. The Me In Order Marketplace is:


2. According to the Client Terms of Service


3. According to the Me In Order Cancellation policy a session (within 24 hours) is considered cancelled when:


4. The goal of the Telephone Consultation is to:


5. An Assessment takes place:


6. In order for a client to have a Prepaid Monthly Membership they must first have a Standard membership:


7. Prepaid Monthly Membership fees are collected:


8. The discount provided to clients for the Prepaid Monthly Membership is:


9. The best way to cancel a Prepaid Monthly Membership is by:


10. The Client Birthday Program provides a free hour to clients for their birthday, and the free hour is paid for by:


11. The Client Birthday Program is delivered to the client via:


12. The best way for a client to purchase a gift card from Me In Order is:


13. Client may use gift cards for reimbursements and/or gratuities.


14. Partner Clients are clients of MiO that:


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