MiO Culture Quiz

1. Me In Order is in the ____ business:


2. Me In Order was established in:


3. Following “The Nordstrom Way,” MIO believes in everyone using their best:


4. At Me In Order we believe that Order brings:


5. Our Battle Cry is “Together We Can…”:


6. For Me In Order a Foundational Principle is that we create order because we love:


7. The Acronym that we use for the service we provide is 100% _______ Service:


8. At Me In Order a CEO is a:


9. Our Core Principles do NOT include:


10. Our Core Values do NOT include:


11. Our Lens = Make it _______


12. Me In Order Central is:


13. In The Client Journey, the session where the CEO gets to show the client what they can do and have them back for future sessions is the ________ session.


14. The Me In Order Promise does NOT include:


15. At Me In Order we believe that a team can have a greater impact than the individual. True or False


16. In our Core Principle of Service, we believe that our focus should be on the stuff instead of the client. True or False


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