Guideposts Quiz

1. It is okay to use Me In Order logos in social media posts and approved personal promotional materials:


2. It is okay to use Me In Order logos on materials that imply an endorsement by Me In Order:


3. Your Confidentiality agreement with Me In Order:


4. Working as an Independent Contractor for an organizing company (that is not your own) while being Active on the Me In Order platform is a violation of the Me In Order Terms of Service:


5. When it comes to health and safety, Me In Order asks that you:


6. The use of Me In Order trademarks is only available to those who are active on the Me In Order platform:


7. Complaining to someone who cannot do anything to help resolve your issue is defined as gossip by Me In Order:


8. If you are working in a client’s home and no one is home, it is a best practice for you to listen to music through earbuds:


9. A best practice is to use text messaging as your primary method of communication with your leads and clients:


10. A best practice for email is to use the “cc” function to copy the help desk on client emails so that your Project Coordinator may add your emails to the client’s communication profile for you:


11. A best practice to follow when it comes to the use of profanity is to only use words that a client has already used:


12. When becoming inactive on the Me In Order platform we ask that you:


13. Me In Order has a strict policy against providing clients with additional organizing services outside of what is billed and processed through the MIO platform.


14. It is a best practice to use your personal email account to communicate with your clients.


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