Moments of Excellence Quiz

1. The Moments of Excellence are:


2. A System-as-a-Floor is a:


3. The Moments of Excellence Checklist is provided to new Expert Organizers:


4. In the Preparing For The Session section we recall that:


5. An item that is NOT in the Session Start section is:


6. If working with a Team, a best practice is to enter the home together as a team.


7. Determining what the goals are for the project and the session are NOT an important part of the Session Start section.


8. The Mid-Session Check enables you to:


9. Payment should always be collected from the client prior to leaving the clients home.


10. A client will typically not be happy with an organizing session unless:


11. When it comes to containers we want to:


12. A great way to get another appointment with the client is to show them what you would like to do to take the organization that you’ve already done to the next level.


13. All aspects of closing out a client session should be completed:


14. A Session Recap needs to be completed after every session:


15. A Session Recap tells the system what to do next pertaining to the client journey:


16. A Session Recap should take you less than ___ minutes to complete:


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