Organizer Programs Quiz

1. The Me In Order Wait List exists mainly so that:


2. Which of the following is NOT true about Certified Expert Organizer renewals:


3. In order to meet your annual Continuing Education requirement, you must earn a minimum of ______ hours per calendar year:


4. Circumstantial Organizing is:


5. Which is a true statement regarding the Client Screening that Me In Order provides:


6. “Organizer First” means:


7. Organizer Achievement Badges were created mostly for:


8. In order to receive a passing grade for an Order University quiz or test you must earn a ______ % or greater:


9. The Team Captain Badge is earned by completing Introductory Sessions with these many clients:


10. Only positive reviews are made available to the public on your Me In webpage.


11. In order to remain active on the Me In Order platform you must maintain a minimum of this many stars from your client ratings:


12. Full attendance and participation in a Workshop earns you this many Continuing Education hours:


13. A Client Conversion occurs when:


14. A Project Session is:


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