The Final Exam

1. Team gratuity is split by:


2. Order University™ requires this many continuing education hours annually in order to maintain your Certified Expert Organizer® designation:


3. Today Cards are completed:


4. The Client Birthday Program provides a free hour to clients for their birthday, and the free hour is paid for by:


5. The Photo Release Form:


6. The Monthly Membership Cancellation Request Form is best used:


7. The best way for a client to purchase a gift card from Me In Order is:


8. The Moments of Excellence are:


9. An Assessment takes place:


10. A Session Recap needs to be completed after every session:


11. At Me In Order a CEO is a:


12. The Me In Order Marketplace is:


13. A Client Conversion occurs when:


14. The General Damage Claim Form is best used when:


15. Payment should always be collected from the client prior to leaving the clients home.


16. A client that sees your services as labor, needs to understand that:


17. One of the most important things you can do as an Expert Organizer on the MiO platform is to:


18. The Moments of Excellence Checklist is provided to new Expert Organizers:


19. The Credit Card Authorization Form is best used when:


20. Today Cards are considered:


21. When it comes to containers we want to:


22. Which of the following is NOT true about Certified Expert Organizer renewals:


23. The use of Me In Order trademarks is only available to those who are active on the Me In Order platform:


24. A requirement of remaining active on the Me In Order platform is:


25. The Platform Fee equals ____% of the billable hour:


26. Which is NOT a component of Partner Earnings:


27. The Lead / Client Intake Form is used for:


28. The Me In Order Promise does NOT include:


29. Every lead regardless of origination should be immediately added to the MiO system.


30. A Project Session is:


31. As trusted resources for our clients we often:


32. Thank You Cards are typically sent to a client:


33. Be Our Guest Cards are promotional cards that provide potential clients with:


34. The Community Service Hours worksheet should be signed by:


35. Prepaid Monthly Membership fees are collected:


36. A best practice is to use text messaging as your primary method of communication with your leads and clients:


37. Following “The Nordstrom Way,” MIO believes in everyone using their best:


38. The Me In Order Wait List exists mainly so that:


39. The Sales Component of Partner Earnings consists of:


40. The goal of the Telephone Consultation is to:


41. A Client Conversion occurs when:


42. Circumstantial Organizing is:


43. Complaining to someone who cannot do anything to help resolve your issue is defined as Gossip by Me In Order:


44. Your Confidentiality agreement with Me In Order:


45. In The Client Journey, the session where the CEO gets to show the client what they can do and have them back for future sessions is the ________ session.


46. Organizer Forms may be located in:


47. Our Lens = Make it _______


48. The Continuing Education Record is used for:


49. The Consignment Items Release Form is best used when:


50. The Birthday Card and the Birthday Program are different because:


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