Working as a Team

One of the many benefits to the MiO platform is never being alone. Queue in the “Together We Can Do More” battle cry. Even when we are working one-on-one with a client we are never alone in the sense that we have constant access to our Teammates via Slack and our Support Center via Central (during business hours).

Your clients also have a team. This is an important point for your clients to realize as it’s one of the many aspects of the platform that helps them get the very best service. Traditionally, if a client has a question they have to leave a message for their organizer and wait for them to get back to them. Instead, the client may contact your office and Central will our best to assist the client with whatever they need. The result is better service for your client and less work for you!

In the video above we mentioned the “Session Organizer.” Since the recording of this video we have updated the name of the Session Organizer to the “Session Team Captain.”

Within the system we have two designated Team Captains. The “Client Team Captain” and the “Session Team Captain.”

Most of the time both are the same person. However, we’ve had to make the distinction for one special circumstance in order for everyone to know what their responsibilities are.

The Client Team Captain is the one that is responsible for the client as a whole.

The Session Team Captain is the one that is responsible for the session that they work with the client.

Sometimes a Client Team Captain is not available for a particular session and another Teammate steps in to help their Teammate and the client. In this case, the Client Team Captain remains the one with overall responsibility for the client and the Session Team Captain has responsibility for the session that they are on.

In the next lesson we will dive in to the responsibilities of a Session Team Captain when they have Teammates working with them on a project.