Organizing Foundations

Your first step towards becoming a Certified Expert Organizer®

About This Course

This course provides an in-depth understanding of foundational organizing principles. Prerequisite for this course is someone who is naturally organized as this course helps individuals learn the principles behind what they do as an organized person. Upon completion of this course you should be able to instruct others in the process of getting organized as well as the benefits of maintaining organized spaces.

Meet the Course Instructor

Kelly Barber

Certified Expert Organizer®

Kelly has always had an eye for detail as she initially went to college to pursue a career in Crime Scene Investigation. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and the birth of her second child in 2005, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for organizing. As a busy wife, mom and business person, she too, struggles with many of the same issues that her clients face daily — work, family and self. Kelly truly knows and understands what her clients are up against.


Kelly believes that organizing doesn’t have to be difficult. Kelly says, “Once your systems are in place and you make a commitment to maintain them — then you can start truly enjoying your new organized life.”


Order University Affiliations: Kelly is a founding member of Order University and is responsible for a large portion of the curriculum that is taught through Order University.


NAPO Affiliations: Kelly is a founding board member and Past President of NAPO South Florida (National Association of Professional Organizers). She received the prestigious designation of Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®) from the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO) in February 2012. Kelly is also a Golden Circle member of NAPO as of 2012.


Kelly is founding team member of Me In Order along with her husband Jeremie Barber. Together they have two children, Jonathan and Emily. When Kelly is not organizing she loves to workout, read, cook and enjoy the day outdoors with her family and friends.

Course Curriculum

Foundations Course Introduction
    • Welcome to the Foundations Course (0:58)
    • Foundations Course Syllabus
    • Course Completion Requirements, Instructions & Tips

Introduction to Organizing

    • What is Clutter (16:09)
    • What is Organizing (60:41)
    • Macro & Micro Organizing (15:20)
    • The 5 Steps of Organizing (31:00)
    • Organizing Lingo (12:05)
    • Subject Quiz: Introduction to Organizing
Assessing Projects
    • Preparing for a Session (4:38)
    • Client Assessments (20:02)
    • Where To Start (5:55)
    • Asking The Right Questions (20:32)
    • Subject Quiz: Assessments

Organizing Room by Room
    • Creating Zones in Home Spaces (4:59)
    • Kitchen (8:07)
    • Family Room (7:10)
    • Home Office (8:04)
    • Bathroom (7:22)
    • Bedroom (3:58)
    • Children’s Room (14:27)
    • Garage (2:38)
    • Closet (23:33)
    • Maintenance Tips (6:53)
    • Nuggets of Organizing Truths (8:15)
    • Subject Quiz: Organizing Room by Room
    • Field Trip
    • Difficulties of Paper (42:15)
    • Organizing Paper (Part 1) (23:11)
    • Organizing Paper (Part 2) (33:06)
    • Subject Quiz: Paperwork
Time Management
    • Time Management (32:44)
    • Subject Quiz: Time Management
Chronic Disorganization
    • Chronic Disorganization (38:33)
    • Subject Quiz: Chronic Disorganization
    • Hoarding (10:39)
    • The Clutter-Hoarding Scale (7:27)
    • Clutter Image Rating Scale (1:59)
    • Subject Quiz: Hoarding
Learning Styles
    • Learning Styles (13:46)
    • What’s My Personality Type?
    • Subject Quiz: Learning Styles
    • Packing Strategies (55:32)
    • Unpacking Strategies (18:33)
    • Downsizing Homes (20:11)
    • Bonus: How Much Does A Storage Unit Hold
    • Subject Quiz: Relocations
Wrapping Up A Session
    • Wrapping Up A Session (12:35)
    • Subject Quiz: Wrapping Up A Session
Building Your Expertise
    • Additional Reading Materials
    • From The Web
Foundations Course Final Exam
    • Read Before Taking The Exam
    • Take The Final Exam