Me In Order 101

This is the place to start when you are considering joining the Me In Order community of Certified Expert Organizers®.

About This Course

Welcome to Order University and Me In Order!

If you are reading this, it is because you have already begun the journey to an exciting career helping others create order and peace in their homes. Congratulations!

Me In Order 101 was created to help you determine if the Me In Order platform and community is right for you.

To gain access to MIO 101 you will need to begin the process at our Organize With Us page.

Meet the Course Instructor

Jeremie Barber

Order University Co-Founder

Jeremie’s passion for organizing goes back to when he was just a toddler. His mother recalls him crawling into her closet and arranging her shoes in perfect order. Today as the Operations Leader for Me In Order he makes sure that all the business systems are operating in order. I guess not much has changed.

Jeremie is a co-founder of both Me In Order & Order University along with his wife Kelly Barber. Together they have two children, Jonathan and Emily. When asked about his children’s organizing skills Jeremie says that his daughter is in charge of organizing the storage containers in the kitchen. He says she can’t stand it when they are not stacked properly, and that he thinks she has the “organizing gene.”

When Jeremie is not creating order you can find him running, playing with the kids, having dinners with close friends or just curled up with a good book.

Course Curriculum

Our Culture

    • Welcome
    • What is Me In Order?
    • About Us (7:37)
    • Our Core Stack (2:05)
    • Pro vs. Expert Organizers (2:29)
    • A Day In The Life

Joining the Community

    • Partnering Steps (2:03)
    • Why Partner With Us? (6:49)
    • What You Get (14:49)

Getting Started

    • The Starter Package (2:34)
    • Scheduling (1:36)
    • Distribution, Classification & Badges (6:45)

Intro To Partner Earnings

    • Partner Earnings Overview (6:10)
    • Who’s A Good Fit? (4:52)

Getting Certified

    • The Certification Process (3:25)

MIO 101 Wrap Up

    • Next Steps (0:29)


    • Getting Around Order U
    • Next Steps Checklist