When it comes to marketing yourself online, there are a variety of ways to put yourself (and your services) out there into the websphere. 

As a professional organizer, you could be inclined to promote your business on listing sites such as Yelp, Angi, Find My Organizer, or even Thumbtack. While it’s great to advertise your services on a multitude of listings, it could also cause a ton of extra work for you on the backend. And…who has time for that? Certainly not a professional organizer with a book of business to adhere to!

Instead of wasting your time pushing out your content on multiple listing sites, you have the option of being showcased on Me In Order’s full-service platform. Me In Order is the first all-in-one back-office platform designed by and for organizers. Me In Order handles all administration, marketing, and client support. Me In Order also provides best-in-class field support, education, certifications, and a community of like-minded Experts. There is truly no better way to be in the organizing industry today.

But, if you are interested in spending countless hours jumping through the hoops of the other associations, here’s what you need to sign up for each:

What do you need to sign up for Angi?

In order to sign up for Angi, you will need to provide your personal contact information to begin your business account setup. You will be prompted for information on your business such as your area and your services; a strenuous process that involves filling out multiple form fields. Some of these fields include:

  • Your company’s full name
  • The street address of your company’s headquarters (optional)
  • The city that your company operates out of
  • The state/province/territory that your company operates out of
  • The mailing code of your company’s headquarters
  • Your company’s phone number
  • Your company’s email address (optional)
  • The first name of your company’s main contact person
  • The last name of your company’s main contact person

While the listing is free, you as a business owner are in charge of keeping up your profile, responding to reviews, and checking out your own analytics and leads. Like we said before; it could prove to be too time-consuming for those on the road and working on their client’s spaces.

What do you need to sign up for Yelp?

Yelp has many different hoops you must jump through in order to be listed on their platform. Much like Angi, there are several items to layout when setting up your business profile. However, while Angi is free, Yelp costs money to pretty much do…anything.

Something as simple as arranging your photos in a specific order incurs a fee. If you want your business to get in front of anyone, due to the demand, you will most likely need to pay to advertise your page. 

While there are opportunities for page upgrades and really making your listing stand out, again, you will need to pay in order to do so. While Yelp is a well-known listing site, it will not only cost you time to set up and manage, but it will also cost you extra funds in order to market yourself successfully.

What do you need to sign up for Find My Organizer?

Find My Organizer is a relatively easy platform to navigate – however, much like Angi and Yelp, there is competition in the organizing industry, making your listing like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

While this listing site is geared just for professional organizers, it also comes at a cost to be listed and shown to potential clients. Upgrading your profile to Premiere is an option, which offers some incentives like appearing in a top position, and the potential for more inquiries. However, an additional fee will be added in. And this fee is excessive; it’s close to $200! This is where you really need to evaluate if a listing is worth the payout or not.

What do you need to sign up for Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is user-friendly and provides a great way to list yourself and your business. There’s no fee to join and no monthly subscription. The catch? You must pay for the leads that come through this listing, even if the customers don’t end up hiring you. Plus, compensation will increase lead prices, so be weary of this listing site. 

All four sites (Angi, Yelp, Find My Organizer, and Thumbtack) are the same overall – you either have to shell out some money, or pay in the way of your time. Now, what do you need to sign up for Me In Order…?

What do you need to sign up for Me In Order?

While you’re still going to have to dedicate time to the setup process, Me In Order is truly worth it. 

Our process entails the following:

  • Introductions
  • Discovery
  • Education
  • Integration
  • Certification

Me In Order provides everything you need to operate your organizing business at a level of excellence that is just not possible on your own. Your expertise will shine as you gain momentum as a leader in the industry. What’s more, every Me In Order Certified Expert Organizer® has a team of office support that ensures that everything is running smoothly for them behind the scenes. 

Me In Order’s full-service Professional Organizing platform and the marketplace is designed so that you can do what you love. Doing it on your own means spending roughly half your work hours doing activities that aren’t productive for clients and are not hours that can be billed, such as setting up multiple listing profiles in the hopes of converting leads.

As a Me In Order Expert Organizer, you get to focus on your clients and continuing education, while the team focuses on all the activities that make you shine! This way you can tune in to what you truly love to do while Me In Order handles the sales, marketing, client services, and administration at an unparalleled professional level. 

Are you interested in becoming an Expert Organizer? Get started today with Me In Order!