Small business owners know that to run their company successfully, they need a strong financial plan. Expert Organizers are no different than small business owners; they are essentially running their own trade, managing their own clients, and need to do everything they can to get ahead. Every dollar counts when it comes to building your clientele, and one way to help assist with finances includes a substantial credit card.

Credit cards can do a lot for a small business owner. They can offer an array of benefits, payoffs, and be helpful when it comes to covering expenses while you await payment. So, as an Expert Organizer, what credit card would be the best for you to invest in? Here’s what you need to determine the best credit cards for your organizing business:


Pinpoint Where Your Business Spends the Most Money

As an Expert Organizer, it’s important to determine your “why” – why do you need this credit card? What are you going to use it for? How can you make sure this card works for you and your business? Do you envision yourself using this credit card for travel expenses such as driving to and from appointments? Or are you thinking of using this credit card to make your client goods purchases? Maybe, this credit card will be used to purchase “Thank You” gifts for your return clients. Whatever you decide to use this card for, it’s important to know that this isn’t just going to be used for everyday expenses; it’s going to be used to help your overall business.

Once you figure out how you are going to use your card and for what purchases, you can start to think of the benefits you can gain from investing in a new credit card.



Determine the Benefits You Are Interested In

The next step in finding the best credit card as an Expert Organizer is to figure out what benefits you are interested in gaining. Are you interested in travel points or cash back rewards? Do you envision using your credit card more to fill your gas tank, or to purchase goods for your clients? You work hard, you’ll likely be spending a lot of money, so you deserve to be reimbursed for it. Finding a credit card that not only works, but also works for you, is super important when determining this next step with your business.


Know Where You Are at Financially

As an Expert Organizer, your business is your business. That means, your personal credit score will factor in when you sign up for a new credit card. Are you financially in a good place to secure the credit card you are most interested in? Consider any annual fees from the perspective of where you are at financially. Ultimately, you need to determine if you can afford the credit card you have your eyes on. If not, you might want to reconsider that expensive credit card. However, if the benefits outweigh the fees, then definitely jump on a good deal. You know your business and your expenses best, so trust your gut when you select the right card for you.


Stay Away from Interest Charges

Credit cards are a great way to pay for expenses and client goods while you wait for your payout to arrive in your account. However, you’ll want to pay off your entire balance each month to ensure that you don’t incur unnecessary interest fees.


Do Your Research

The internet is the best option when searching for that perfect credit card. Sign up for newsletters, read the latest blogs, and even chat with a financial adviser. You never know what you will stumble upon when you’re researching. Some banks might even be inclined to give you a discount. Once you have done your research, make a pros and cons list of each credit card option and from there, you can narrow down the best choice for you and your business. 

As an Expert Organizer, you know that your business and your clients come first. Now is the time to set yourself and your business up for success. Do you need additional help to find the best credit card for you? Are you interested in learning more about becoming a Certified Expert Organizer®? If so, we’d love to have you. Contact us today!