As professional organizers, we will always put organizing first. What’s a close second, you might ask? Education.

Education is one of the core values of Me In Order. Not only do we hold education to the highest standard professionally, but we also take it out of office as our own personal value in our day-to-day life.

Knowledge is power and furthering your scope every single day is sure to always put you ahead of the game. Education is a huge part of who we are, and we believe it should be available for anyone to further their experience and skills. That’s why Me In Order is proud to partner with Order University™ for our Expert Organizers classroom curriculum, certifications, and continuing education for professional organizing certification renewals.

If you’re looking to further your skills and your overall knowledge of the professional organizer industry, we highly recommend Order University™ for all your education needs. So, what is Order University™ exactly? We’re here to break it down for you…

What is Order University™?

Order University™ is the place to earn the curriculum portion of your Certified Expert Organizer® designation. Me In Order partners with Order University™ to educate and train their experts on all things organizing. It’s a place to learn more about joining the Me In Order™ community of Experts, and a place to hone your organizing skills.

What does Order University™ consist of?

Order University™ consists of online playbooks, training, and courses to arm you with everything you need for going out in the field. You’ll find an assortment of lessons including Me In Order 101, Organizing Foundations, and what you truly need to thrive as an Expert Organizer. It’s your hub for all things related to organizing education!

Who is Order University™ For?

Order University™ is currently only open to active Me In Order Expert Organizers working towards and maintaining their Certified Expert Organizers® designation. Order University™ is for all Experts, new and seasoned. Whether you are considering becoming an organizer or working on your CEO certification, Order University™ is the platform to use.

How do I get started with Order University™?

To begin Order University™, you’ll get started with Me In Order 101. Me In Order 101 was created to help you determine if the Me In Order platform and community is right for you. To gain access to MIO 101 you will need to begin the process at our Organize With Us page. From there, you’ll start your new journey and your path towards helping others create order and peace in their homes! Education is one of the ways that Me In Order Certified Expert Organizers® show their dedication to their clients and their organizing needs. If you’re looking for a professional organizing certification, we’re here to help you get started! Questions? We’ve got your back. Ready to get started? We’re here to get you everything you need! Learn more here.